We would like to inform,  that we have recently hosted three auditors – representatives of Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation in the Training Centre for Marine Officers (SDKO) . The purpose of this audit was to extend the "recognition certificate" of the centre to new training courses conducted in English.

As a result of this qualification audit, the foreign officers choosing to undergo such training in our centre - SDKO - in addition to the certificate of training issued by us - will be able to obtain a relevant certificate of training issued by the Polish Maritime Administration (Maritime Office).

We are pleased to announce that the audit has been successfully completed. We are currently awaiting an updated certificate of recognition.

Soon, two new entries dedicated to foreigners will be added to our offer.

1. Certificate of Practical Training in Handling of Large Ships with Unusual Maneouvring Characteristics
2. Certificate of Training in Hazardous Cargo Carriage on Vessels

We encourage you to cooperate with us!

Samples of certificates:
cert hazmat

cert man